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Anxiety, Abuse, Addiction, Bereavement, Depression, Feeling Sad, Family Matters, Panic, Separation & Divorce

Ever Feel Like Talking?

We all have busy lives but sometimes it becomes hard to cope and we find ourselves needing to talk to someone who is not part of the problem. At these times working with a counsellor can bring clarity to the situation and offer the relief that you're needing.

Please watch my video.

Together we can look at what had brought you to therapy and set goals for where you want to be in the future.

We can learn how past experiences and behavioural patterns have shaped the decisions that you make now.

I wonder if you have ever felt that you revert back to negative or difficult coping strategies when faced with difficulty or challenges? This can happen even when you realise that these strategies are not helpful anymore. Counselling/Psychotherapy can really help to give you back control and help to develop new ways of coping.

I work by blending three key therapeutic approaches which are Humanistic, Psychodynamic and CBT.

I'm happy to have a chat with you on the phone. If you call and I cannot answer I will always text back quickly.

Updated 21st October 2019

Monthly update

Getting better sleep

The science of sleep has been an interest of mine for lots of years. Recently I have spent a lot of time understanding sleep from a wellbeing, psychological and evolutionary viewpoint.

If you're finding it hard to sleep please contact me and we'll put a plan together. This will consist of understanding what your thoughts and feeling are as well as your routines. In this instance I will be giving direct guidance on how to get better sleep.